WATCH: Your Gate Is Now Open for 'Soarin' Around The World' at Disney California Adventure

From the snow-capped mountain that inspired the Matterhorn Bobsleds, to the grassy plains of Africa to the oceans of Fiji – Disney’s new Soarin’ Around the World gives visitors a glimpse of some of the world’s majestic landmarks.

Guests at Disney California Adventure arrived early Friday and flocked to the new ride that allows them to hop on a motion-based simulator that lifts them up with their feet dangling. On an 80-foot tall projection screen, they see, feel and smell an aerial journey over parts of the world.

Within 15 minutes of the park opening at 8 a.m., the wait time was 75 minutes on the attraction’s first day.

“Incredible,” said Mike Smith, 39, from Philadelphia. He and his family were among the first to experience the attraction. “I still have chills. It was incredible to see all the places around the world.”

“Breathtaking,” added Smith’s wife, Katie.

The five-minute, multi-sensory ride made its debut in Disney’s new Shanghai Disneyland Park Thursday, and at Epcot at Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim on Friday.

It replaces Soarin’ Over California, an original attraction at the park in 2001.

Each Soarin‘ attraction has a different ending. Riders at Disney California Adventure see fireworks exploding over Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In Anaheim, many of the highlighted places will remind guests of Disneyland and Disney movies.

Sydney Harbour was the setting for “Finding Nemo.” The Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was Walt Disney’s vision for creating Sleeping Beauty Castle. And the Great Wall of China was featured in “Mulan.”

Other locations featured: the Ice Fjords in Greenland, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Mount Kilimajaro in Tanzania, and Iguaza Falls in Argentina.

“I loved it,” said Erika Eide, 23, of Nevada City, Ca., who had just come back from Iguaza Falls. “It makes me want to travel more.”

Jamie Felton, 23, of Loveland, Co. enjoyed the smells that emit during the ride.

In a scene that features elephants running on grass, a grassy, earthy scent is released. When the ride swoops down toward the Taj Mahal, a flowery smell wafts.

“It really felt like you were there,” Felton said.

Source: OC Register

Banner Photo Credit: Disney