WATCH: The Haunted Mansion's Headstones Return To Disneyland Park

It has been fifteen years since we last saw the original headstones fill the hillsides at the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland park. Claude Coats, Marc Davis and X Atencio are just a few of the masterminds behind the Haunted Mansion whose whimsical headstones disappeared. I spoke with art director Kim Irvine who explained how the headstones made it back to their original home. 

The original headstones and the Imagineers they represented are as follows:

Claude Coats (lead designer – specializing in backgrounds and environments, he also developed the Omnimover layout)

At Peaceful Rest Lies Brother Claude
Planted Here Beneath This Sod

Marc Davis (lead designer – specializing in character design and sight gags)

In memory of our Patriarch
Dear Departed Grandpa Marc

X Atencio (script and song)

Requiescat Francis Xavier
No time off for good behavior R.I.P.

Bill Martin (concept architect)

Here Lies A Man Named Martin
The Lights Went Out on this Old Spartan

Dave Burkhart (models)

Dear Departed Brother Dave
He Chased a Bear into A Cave

Yale Gracey (special effects and illusions)

Master Gracey Laid to Rest
No Mourning Please, at His Request. Farewell

Bob Sewell (models)

R.I.P. Mister Sewell
The victim of a dirty duel, Peaceful rest

Chuck Myall (show designer)

R.I.P., in memoriam Uncle Myall,
Here you’ll lie for quite a while

Gordon Williams (sound and Audio-Animatronics system)

Good Friend Gordon
Now you’ve Crossed the River Jordan

Cliff Huet (architecture/interiors)

Rest in Peace Cousin Huet
We All Know You Didn’t Do It

Wathel Rogers (figure animation)

Here Rests Wathel R. Bender
He Rode to Glory on a Fender

Fred Joerger (models/effect modeling)

Here Lies Good Old Fred
A Great Big Rock Fell on His Head, R.I.P.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

Banner Photo Credit: Disney