WATCH: Take a Virtual Trip Around Shanghai Disneyland's Incredible Attractions

Shanghai Disneyland is Disney's sixth "Disneyland/Magic Kingdom"-style park, but this latest installation varies more from that template than any of those five other parks. There's no Main Street USA here — the entrance plaza to Shanghai Disneyland is called Mickey Avenue, and it's really just the appetizer setting a visitor up for the Gardens of Inspiration that serves as the heart of the park.

Mickey Avenue is to the lower right, at the entrance of the park. Gardens of Imagination is the circle at the middle of the park, with the Enchanted Storybook Castle overlooking it, at the upper left of the circle.

Gardens of Inspiration might be the most explicitly Chinese section of the new park, with Chinese Zodiac "Garden of the Twelve Friends," employing Disney characters to represent the 12 signs of the Chinese lunar calendar. Fantasyland extends behind the castle. To the left of the Gardens on the map is Tomorrowland, and to the right are Adventure Isle (lower right) and the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Treasure Cove (upper right).

Let's start there, in Disney's first land themed entirely to the Pirates franchise. Rather than build another clone of the Anaheim original for its first mainland China park, Disney has created an all-new Pirates ride, based upon the Johnny Depp films. Utilizing a new ride system and a mix of screens and practical effects, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of the Sunken Treasure is making a strong claim to be the best new theme park attraction in the world this year. 

If that's not enough Captain Jack for you, Treasure Cove also features a live-action Pirates-themed stunt show, Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular:

Next door in Adventure Isle, the highlights are a new version of Disney's popular Soarin' film, as well as a river rapids ride. Adventure Isle's icon in Roaring Mountain, the home to Roaring Rapids, where a creature lurks in wait. However, the creature animatronic wasn't working during soft openings for the ride, so it's not particularly impressive in this preview video.

Let's head back to the centerpiece of the park, Disney's largest castle — the Enchanted Storybook Castle. This castle isn't explicitly themed to a specific Disney princess, as are the other five Magic Kingdom castles around the world. (Trivia time: Anaheim, Paris and Hong Kong are themed to Sleeping Beauty. Orlando and Tokyo are Cinderella.) However, the storybook in this castle's Once Upon a Time Adventure walk-through is Snow White's giving Disney's original movie princess a claim on her first Disney theme park castle.

The castle also hosts a second attraction (at least, in part). The Voyage to the Crystal Grotto takes guests through gardens inspired by several Disney films before making a turn inside the castle itself. 

Shanghai Disneyland's Fantasyland includes several familiar Disney attractions, including the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from Orlando and a version of Paris' Alice in Wonderland maze. But it's the plussed version of Peter Pan's Flight that's attracted the most fan attention online.

Speaking of plussed versions of familiar Disney attractions, you'll find another one next door in Tomorrowland, on the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue.

But the big draw in Tomorrowland will be Disney's first theme park attraction dedicated to Tron. It's your chance to ride a Lightcycle on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

Finally, we'll wrap up our video tour of Shanghai Disneyland back on Mickey Avenue, for a performance of the park's daily Mickey's Storybook Express parade.

Source: Theme Park Insider

Banner Photo Credit: Disney