WATCH: Newly Released Deleted Scenes from 'Zootopia', On Blu-Ray Now

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Zootopia hits Blu-ray, DVD and VOD this week, and along with that we’re getting our first look at the deleted scenes that didn’t make the final film.

The following Zootopia deleted scenes thanks to Disney Movie Anywhere. Watch them below with introductions by Zootopia directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore. If you haven’t ever watched deleted scenes from an animated feature film before, I should warn you that usually these scenes don’t get far along enough in development to get proper animation. So what you’re going to see are hand drawn animatics and maybe some rough computer animation work, alongside scratch voice tracks.

“Hopps’ Apartment” Zootopia Deleted Scene

“Nick’s Wild Time Pitch” Zootopia Deleted Scene

“Nick’s Tame Collar” Zootopia Deleted Scene

Source: Slashfilm

Banner Photo Credit: Disney