WATCH: 'Louis' From 'The Princess and The Frog' Makes His Debut In 'Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire'

A post by hiroMYhero on the DISboards reports that Louis, the trumpet-playing crocodile from The Princess and The Frog, will debut in the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire stage show today.

Louis was in all of the concept art for the new Magic Kingdom show, but did not appear when the show actually began on June 17. He was likely removed due to the June 14 deadly alligator attack on the Seven Seas Lagoon. After the attack, in addition to the absence of Louis, crocodile jokes were removed from the Jungle Cruise attraction. These have since returned, with the exception of a joke warning parents to watch their children or the crocodiles would do it for them.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire takes place daily on the Castle Stage.

Source: The DIS

Banner Photo Credit: Disney