WATCH: Latest 'Cars 3' Trailer Gives An Inside Look At "Rivalry" On The Raceway

The second official Cars 3 trailer titled "Rivalry" says it all - not only does it focus on the intense competition the racers feel against each other but it 'rivals' in awesomeness compared to the first Cars 3 official trailer. The opening sequence features clips and sound bites of Jackson Storm's racing success (mostly from previously released teasers and trailers).

However, once the "Rivalry" trailer hits the 40-second mark, you are granted access into the Rust-eze Racing Center. The new clips inside the state-of-the-art facility showcase a new class of racers training on various mediums as they await potential sponsorship (notice their steel gray coloring). While watching the trailer, you may begin to wonder if Lighting McQueen's true rival is Jackson Storm or could it possibly be aging out of the only world he knows — racing.

Source: Pixar Post

Banner Photo Credit: Disney•Pixar