WATCH: Kristen Bell Gives 'Frozen 2' Progress Update On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Better bundle up, “Frozen” fans, because we’re going back to Arendelle sooner than you think!

Recently, Kristen Bell, who voices the adventurous and lovable character Anna in the popular Disney animated musical, shared details on the movie’s forthcoming sequel. According to the actress, the script for “Frozen 2” is currently in the works.

“They take a lot of time over there to just perfect it. It has to go through a lot of development to make sure it’s exactly the story that needs to be told,” she revealed Tuesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” adding that she hopes to start recording soon. “We haven’t started recording. We’re just waiting to get out hands on the script.”

Bell isn’t the only one excited to see what’s next for the frosty crew. Josh Gad, who portrays the innocently sweet snowman Olaf, dished to Cinemablend in May that he’s looking forward to seeing his icy friend evolve in “Frozen 2.”

“I would love to see him grow. I mean, I’d love to see new colors. I’d love to see … you know, he’s so new to the world. I’d love to see what being around in this world a little bit has taught him, or is teaching him,” the actor divulged.

Disney announced that “Frozen” was getting sequel in March 2015 — two years after the Oscar-winning flick first warmed the hearts of fan. According to Variety, the movie earned $1.3 billion at the box office, making “Frozen” that highest-grossing animated film in history.

So, is Bell ready to slip back into character — the very same one that helped make the Disney film so successful? Well, according to the actress, portraying Anna has become second nature to her! “[Anna’s] pretty much me, it’s pretty much me,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel. “Plus, we’ve been doing it for the last couple years like when Japanese EPCOT center opens [or] there’s a holiday special at one of the Disneyland parks of the toys. We all still — Josh [Gad], Idina [Menzel], Jonathon [Groff] and I — we have to still get together.”

Looks like the cast’s chemistry is anything but cold!

Source: International Business Times

Banner Photo Credit: Disney