WATCH: John Williams Greets Young Musicians Playing Iconic Star Wars Theme Outside His House

Before we get into how heartwarming and great this video is, it might be worth pointing out that figuring out where an idol of yours lives, showing up there, and then serenading him or her is a supremely risky move! Just because it worked for Lloyd Dobler doesn’t mean the success rate is 100 percent. You have to not be creepy about it and know what you are doing from a performance standpoint. Very difficult.

But that is just what two young, excited Star Wars fans/musicians did last week, when they showed up at John Williams’ abode and started playing the iconic theme song from Star Wars as one of their friends or moms recorded the whole thing.

As the two get into dueling brass parts of the nearly 40-year-old epic, Williams pokes his head out of his house like an adorable turtle and waves at them, probably prompting a decent amount of shock that I imagine would make it hard to finish the song. But the two ended on such a fantastic note and paid such a wonderful tribute to their idol, that Williams came outside of his home to commend them on it. What a seriously stand-up guy Williams is, in addition to being, of course, one of the world’s most influential composers ever. If this doesn’t bring smile to your face, then consider the fact that you might be a Sith.

Source: Nerdist

Banner Photo Credit: Lucasfilm