WATCH: How Disney's 'World of Color' Transformed For The Holidays

Classic holiday songs were the inspiration for the newest holiday version of the fountain show at Disney California Adventure simply named, “World of Color - Season of Light.”

The show, known in the Disney vernacular as “the kiss good night,” was a year in development, according to Steven Davison, vice president of of parades and spectaculars for Walt Disney Imagineering.

WATCH: How Walt Disney Imagineering created 'World of Color - Season of Light'

“We did a lot of experimentation of what songs worked, what songs didn’t and how you marry Disney into that to make it seamless.”

Some of the classic songs are “Let it Snow” by Dean Martin, and “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole. While the songs play, the fountains stream skyward in a variety of colors to the music, along with projected images from many Disney films.

The Imagineers marry Disney into the show by projecting on water screens, and on the surfaces of Mickey’s Funwheel (Disney’s version of a Ferris Wheel). They also use lasers to create images.

Davison said since this is the fourth show done in Paradise Bay, they really wanted to push what they could do. One of the things Imagineers discovered is they could created the image of a Christmas tree by just using the fountains and light.

“Everything has been placed to make it tug at your heart strings, or to make you smile, or to make you go just wow,” he said.

One of the funnier sequences involves Goofy as he tries to decorate the bay for Christmas. Being Goofy, things go a little wrong – causing the fountains to erupt into flames as he shorts out the entire system.

But then it’s time for the finale, which uses a huge chorus of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” with some of the fountains reaching more than 100 feet high. Along with the fountains, special machines create floating hearts made out of a combination of soap suds with a little helium. Those hearts float out above the audience and into the viewing area.

“All the hearts flow into the scene like the world embracing peace,” Davison said.

“World of Color - Season of Light” plays nightly at Disney California Adventure, through January 8, 2017.

Source: OC Register

Banner Photo Credit: Disney