WATCH: Get Your Boarding Passes Ready for 'Soarin' Around the World' at Epcot

It's same song, different verse for Soarin', the popular Epcot attraction that's update debuted at Walt Disney World on Friday.  The big-screen event is now called Soarin' Around the World, but it's still pretty glorious. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead. The all-new film is now a global travelogue, topping the old California-based version. Among the sights: Fiji, Iguazu Falls, pyramids, Monument Valley and more. 

It felt like there were more animals involved, including polar bears, elephants, camels, horses and a whale. 

I liked when you could spy a human -- like atop the Eiffel Tower or in a kayak -- for perspective. 

The new film looks quite crisp. The crystal clear vantage point from above the Matterhorn (the Swiss one, not the Disneyland one) gave me a shot of acrophobia. Also memorable: falling toward the Great Wall of China and gliding toward the Taj Mahal. 

Improvements include the transitions between locations. They are more inventive than the original, which used a blink-and-you're-elsewhere edit. 

Still around: the Soarin' soundtrack, though enhanced a bit, and Patrick Warburton in the pre-show.  I had difficulty picking out new scents, although others said they were constant (roses?). 

Still, I miss the orange grove aroma. I don't miss that L.A.  traffic scene. The new finale is a nod to the old one. You can't miss the enormous Hidden Mickey and you won't miss that Disneyland fireworks scene. 

Going back to Cali? I don't think so.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Banner Photo Credit: Disney