WATCH: First Look POVs at 'Jack Sparrow Stunt Spectacular' and 'Roaring Rapids'

Shanghai Disneyland's Soft Opening continues as this time next week, the Park will have been officially open for an entire day to the vast public, to enjoy in Disney's latest land of fantasy.

However, there are still some attractions that we are yet to have seen POV ride videos of, and one in particular is Adventure Isle's 'Roaring Rapids'. Surely, when the professional ride videographers get to Shanghai Disneyland, we'll start to see some incredible POVs and 360 degree video coming out, but until then, here's a first look at 'Roaring Rapids':

Additionally, despite the entirety of the show being in Chinese, it may still be interesting to see the show dynamic of 'Captain Jack Sparrow's Stunt Spectacular':

Source: DSNY Digest

Banner Photo Credit: Disney