WATCH: 'Doctor Strange' Debuts New Street Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Doctor Strange is now meeting young Disney World guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The meet and greet is not listed on Disney's website yet, but fans report that the Marvel character is now meeting guests in a "Jedi Academy"-type encounter at the end of Pixar Place. A handful of kids are picked for training in the mystic arts with Doctor Strange, in a short magic show.

Doctor Strange is not part of Marvel's Avengers, Fantastic Four, or X-Men families, so Disney has the legal ability to put the character in its Florida theme parks. But Marvel's contract with Universal Orlando prohibits Disney from using the "Marvel" name in any way and limits Disney's ability to promote the attraction. Yet we can tell you about it, so if you've got a young Doctor Strange fan in the family, go looking for this on your next Disney trip.

Source: Theme Park Insider

Banner Photo Credit: Marvel Studios