WATCH: Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Advert Teases Illuminations, Stars on Parade

After a non-stop week of Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary news and reaction, excitement for next year’s celebrations has stepped up another gear with the release of the resort’s 2017 brochure. Hidden inside the online version, the very first video trailer for the year, with new animated graphics offering a look at what’s to come.

The trailer uses the familiar Disney tool of Tinker Bell flying into the screen to make the text and images appear.

“This year, we’re igniting a sparkling celebration…”

The most revealing part of the trailer features a recreation of the new Pirates of the Caribbean scene in Disney Illuminations.

Footage of the steampunk Maleficent float in Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is recycled from Florida to visualise our new Disney Stars on Parade, said to feature a replica of the popular unit.

Actual on-ride footage from Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is also used, though the voiceover only somewhat awkwardly announces “a new attraction touring the stars” rather than name-checking the Star Wars ride directly.

Finally, the 25th Anniversary logo comes to life as Tinker Bell scatters pixie dust in the sky in the shape of the “25”, with the full “Disneyland Paris 25” logo appearing below.

The look created here is truly gorgeous and surprisingly restrained. The entire campaign seems to aim purely for smart and classy, repositioning Disneyland Paris as a destination with quality as its key ingredient.

Source: DLP Today

Banner Photo Credit: Disney