WATCH: Disney Releases 4 New Clips of 'Pete's Dragon' Showing Us 'Elliot' Flying

Director David Lowery is probably doing something right with his upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon because I’m not a fan of the 1977 original in the slightest but I fully intend to see the new version in its opening weekend. Maybe my soft spot for tales of isolated youngsters finding families is showing, or maybe I’m just a sucker for dragons, but everything we’ve seen from this movie looks charming and sweet and the right shade of adventurous.

Four new clips from the film have arrived online and they haven’t changed my mind. This looks like it could be one of 2016’s better family movies:

“He Says He Wasn’t Alone”

“Is Elliot Your Imaginary Friend?”

“I’m Out in Those Woods Every Day”

Exclusive first look at Elliot and Pete

Pete’s Dragon opens on August 12, 2016.

Source: The Disney Blog

Banner Photo Credit: Disney