WATCH: Discover All The Little Details About 'Frozen Ever After' at EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion

Disney’s most success animation franchise now has a home in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion. Olaf, Anna, Queen Elsa and all their friends have decamped from Arendelle to have a summer snow day. “Frozen Ever After” and the “Royal Sommerhus” are already attraction crowds all day long.

Disney’s team of Imagineers have actually done some great work on this attraction. It’s as big a conceptual leap in theme park entertainment as 1983 new Fantasyland was at Disneyland. Even those who are tired of the ubiquity of Frozen in Disney’s theme parks, will find something to like with what Disney was able to do with the space.

The biggest problem is the capacity is still horribly low. Unlike the water rides over in Mexico or Pirates of the Caribbean, the boat capacity is low and the load and unload process is slow. This means long lines. Fastpass is recommended, but that means you miss the charm of the new queue.

There were also a few moments where how the technology blended with the story wasn’t seemless. But I’ll forgive them some rough edges. It’s a theme park attraction, not virtual reality.

Here’s a tip if you can’t snag a Fastpass, Times to use a Fastpass doesn’t start for Frozen Ever After until 11AM, but it opens with the park 9AM. So head there directly after rope drop to get on with the shortest wait.

We’ve captured some more hidden secrets and fun facts related to Frozen Ever After in this video:

All in all, it’s a charming ride, made better by the new generation audio-animatronics. Kids who love the movie will love the ride as well. While there is some rear projection, most of the ride are fully rendered sets with 3-D characters. I’m definitely a fan, I just wish they’d figured out some way to double attraction capacity before reopening it.

Will you visiting the Royal sisters from Arendelle on your next visit to EPCOT?

Source: The Disney Blog

Banner Photo Credit: Brian Carey