Shanghai Disneyland's Grand Opening Gala Event Didn't Have Such A Magical Welcome

Shanghai Disneyland has been officially open for around 3 weeks now, however one thing always seemed odd to those fans eagerly awaiting a magically Disney Spectacle, befitting of of the Grand Opening of a Disney Park, the ceremony itself seemed underwhelming and muted for Disney standards. The huge telltale sign, the seating that encircled the Enchanted Storybook Castle was only half full. Shanghai Disney Resort has been many years in the making, and Disney's presence had been felt by the Chinese Media, but this was a global event that Disney was sure to have packed. Disney doesn't have any shortages of willing guests to attend a Grand Opening Ceremony of any of their parks. So what was going on?

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit: Disney

Reports have come out since explaining that weather conditions had caused Disney cancel their Firework Celebrations that night, and heavy rain and wind had made it difficult for many of those in attendance to cover the event in less than ideal conditions. Many of those in attendance have explained exactly what happened at the planned Grand Opening Gala:

"The concert was cancelled on the 15th (also the fireworks) and they used dress rehearsal footage in the broadcast. The reason was strong wind and rain."

"This grand opening has never really happened, the cause: the rain. The video footage seen is actually filmed from the rehearsal the day before. Besides this, the inauguration was sad with just speeches as the real outdoor show was canceled because of the rain."

So it seems that Disney's magic couldn't will away the unforeseen weather conditions ready in time for the Grand Opening Gala, proving that Live Entertainment can have it's hiccups even for The Walt Disney Company.

Source: DSNY Digest

Banner Photo Credit: Disney