RUMOUR: 'The Great Mickey Ride' Might Replace 'The Great Movie Ride' In 2018

It has been a time for crazy rumors the last few months, and it seems there isn’t an end in sight under the Bob Chapek regime. The latest indicates that once the 3 year sponsorship deal between Turner Classic Movies and Disney is up, the Great Movie Ride would be replaced with something called “The Great Mickey Ride”.

While details are scarce at this point, rumors indicate the ride would be trackless and is also being developed to go somewhere at the Disneyland Resort simultaneously.

The latest trend in the parks seems to be Disney removing any connections to franchises that Disney does not own (Twilight Zone for example), and the Great Movie Ride is packed with a lot of films that Disney has absolutely no ownership over. The line of thinking here would be to feature the first ride ever devoted to Mickey Mouse (clearly the property of the Walt Disney Company), something that has been attempted many times over the last 60 years but never built in any Disney theme park.

If plans remained unchanged and Disney pulls the trigger on this project, the Great Movie Ride would close just after the opening of the Star Wars-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, keep in mind that this project is very blue sky at this point and may never see the light of day, but the Great Movie Ride’s removal is still a likely target for the company at this time.

Source: WDW News Today

Banner Photo Credit: Jeff Krause