Pixar Fan Accumulates Every Character That Has Ever Appeared In The' Toy Story' Universe

With three movies, a handful of shorts, and a couple of specials in the mix, the world of Toy Story has grown tremendously over the years — so much so that few probably realize just how many characters the franchise has.

To give us a visual refresher about just how vast this plastic universe is, Flickr user MichaeL has created this graphic with nearly every toy character from the films:

Photo Credit: Disney•Pixar

Photo Credit: Disney•Pixar

For a full guide to who and what is in the image, be sure to check out his post or knock yourself out trying to figure it all out yourself. By the time you’re done it will probably be time for Toy Story 4, due in theatres June 15th, 2018.

Source: Laughing Place

Banner Photo Credit: Disney•Pixar