On This Day In 1967 - 'Adventure Thru Inner Space' Opened at Disneyland

Tomorrowland is not just the realm of “outer” space, and on this day in 1967, a true-life scientific attraction brought Disneyland guests into “inner” space to explore the world of atoms and molecules.

On Adventure Thru Inner Space guests boarded Atomobile vehicles while listening to the Sherman Brothers tune “Miracles From Molecules.” The attraction would take them through a mighty microscope to experience the sensation of shrinking — to a size small enough to explore the vast universe inside a snowflake — accompanied by impeccable narration provided by Disney Legend Paul Frees, whose voice is still heard as the Ghost Host narrator in Haunted Mansion. Upon returning to normal size before the snowflake melts, guests would exit in a room displaying products by Monsanto, the attraction’s sponsor, which included carpet made with Monsanto Acrilan acrylic fibers and Cumuloft nylon fibers, plus Wear Dated clothes.

The Atomobile in Adventure Thru Inner Space was the world’s first Omnimover vehicle, which would also be used in attractions such as Haunted MansionThe Seas with Nemo and Friends in Epcot, and the recently opened Little Mermaid attraction in Disney California Adventure.

Source: D23

Banner Photo Credit: Disney