On This Day In 1901 - Walt Disney, The Man Who Started It All, Is Born In Chicago, Illinois

On this day in 1901, December 5th, Walt Disney, the man who started it all, who created alongside his brother Roy, The Walt Disney Company, the entertainment empire that has brought joy, laughter and tears to millions of children and adults around the world, was born.

The birth of Walt Disney, was probably one of the most impactful elements of the 20th Century, as the effect that Disney goes onto achieve within American and Worldwide Pop Culture is staggering, with the ubiquitous belief that everybody, no matter how old can still be childlike in the way they experience the world.

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit: Disney

There is plenty of folklore surrounding Walt Disney, and many who are devout Disney fans will already know the life story of this great man, however here’s a video that tells Walt Disney’s greatest story, his own:

Without question his achievements, his beliefs, and his vision have impacted the world for good, and The Walt Disney Company that he founded continues to keep alive his beacon of light for joy and wonder around the world today.

Happy 115th Birthday, Walt... and thanks!

Source: DSNY Digest

Banner Photo Credit: Disney