Mickey's New Look Debuts at Disneyland After 60th Celebrations Concludes

This past Monday, September 6th, saw the end of Disneyland’s much-heralded 60th anniversary Diamond Celebration. And with it went the beloved Paint the Night parade (for the time being,) the Disneyland Forever fireworks show, and World of Color: Celebrate at Disney California Adventure.

By Tuesday morning, drastic changes had begun happening around Walt’s original Magic Kingdom. Overnight some of the major Diamond Celebration decorations had disappeared and were replaced by Disneyland’s Halloween adornments. And even Mickey Mouse himself got an overhaul.

Now Mickey’s face matches the look of the character we’ve previously seen at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort— somewhat more cartoonish, cheerier, and perhaps more welcoming to guests.

Source: Inside The Magic

Banner Photo Credit: Disney