New 'Bastille Day' Firework Celebrations, 'Main Street Station' Finally Opens Again

The iconic Main Street Station that has been covered up by scaffolding and tarps for far too long, well now it's time for the whistle to be blown once again, as the opening of Main Street Station will resume regular service this Saturday, 9th July.

Photo Credit:  @ED92live

Photo Credit: @ED92live

In other July related news, Bastille Day is going to be celebrated again this year at Disneyland Paris, however it has be released by Disney that the Bastille Day Firework show will be updated from previous year, so be sure to catch the celebrations on July 14th at Disneyland Paris.

Lastly, in slightly odd but welcomed news, Disneyland Paris have officially announced that the signage that can be seen from guests travelling to the Resort via Car are going to updated in the next couple of months, ready in time for the 25th Anniversary, however Mickey will still be donning his classic 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' attire.

Source: DSNY Digest

Banner Photo Credit: Bert Snyers