Former Catwalk Bar at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Returning for Club 33?

Many years ago, guests at the then Disney-MGM Studios could enjoy a drink high above a soundstage in the Catwalk Bar, an elevated establishment located above the Soundstage Restaurant. The bar was closed along with the Soundstage Restaurant in the late-1990’s to make way for the various Disney Junior shows that have occupied that space since. Well, the Catwalk Bar might be returning in some form…

With Club 33 announcing that they would open locations in each Disney World theme park, the Soundstage Restaurant seems like a good location. It’s elevated and relatively private, connected to the kitchen of a signature dining experience in the Brown Derby, and has that cool-factor of being in a beloved, forgotten location.

If this is the space, it is likely that Disney Junior would have to move elsewhere or close (or maybe become a dance party in a new location, similar to changes made at California Adventure).

This is purely speculation at this point, but the staircase and elevator inside of the Brown Derby which led to the Catwalk Bar are walled-off all of a sudden and some sort of work is clearly happening there.

Source: WDW News Today

Banner Photo Credit: Matthew Cooper