'Finding Dory' Will Probably Be Disney's Next Billion-Dollar Movie After 'Zootopia'

Two weeks from now, Disney is poised to get its potential third billion-dollar movie of the year when Finding Dory opens in theaters. Movies marketed to kids tend to rake in oodles of cash regardless of how they’re received, but Finding Dory isn’t just some kids’ movie — it’s the sequel to the beloved Finding Nemo, the second-biggest Pixar movie ever after Toy Story 3.

Finding Dory will be the third billion-dollar movie because Zootopia hit that milestone this weekend after three months in theaters. (Captain America: Civil War was the first to join Disney’s three-comma club this year.)

Finding Dory marks the return to animation for writer/director Andrew Stanton, whose celebrated career took a controversial detour after he directed the infamous live-action adaptation John Carter. That 2012 wannabe blockbuster is still thought of as an unfortunate box-office bomb despite Stanton’s meticulous Pixar-enabled eye for design and detail.

2015’s Inside Out, from the makers of instant classic Up, seemed to right the ship a bit, eventually nabbing the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. But 2015 also saw Pixar’s first relative box-office bomb. Making only just over $330 million worldwideThe Good Dinosaur came and went and left the good name of Pixar slightly tarnished again. Finding Dory is coming along to try and right a few wrongs.

Will Finding Dory get Pixar back to the glory days, reaffirm Stanton’s obvious talent, and score Disney a third billion-dollar movie at the box office this year? Only time will tell.

Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War are still playing, while Finding Doryopens in theaters on June 17.

Source: Inverse

Banner Photo Credit: Disney•Pixar