'Finding Dory' Passes $900 Million Worldwide, Closing In On $1 Billion

Finding Dory continues to inch closer to the massive milestone of $1 Billion dollars in worldwide box-office revenue as it has just surpassed $900 Million (as of August 15). In the approximately 9 weeks since the film released, it has currently grossed approximately $477 Million domestically and $423 Million in global markets. As we discussed in the Pixar Post Forum topic chatting about the milestone, we noted that there are still quite a few upcoming markets with release dates. If you compare the box office totals of Inside Out in those countries, it can give you a somewhat similar barometer for profits (note that the power of Finding Dory being a sequel may increase revenue even further).

Future Finding Dory release countries and dates

Lithuania - 19 August - (Inside Out revenue - $90,000)
Denmark - 25 August - (Inside Out revenue - $6 Million) 
Finland - 26 August - (Inside Out revenue - $3 Million)
Norway - 26 August - (Inside Out revenue - $3.3 Million)
Sweden - 26 August - (Inside Out revenue - $5.4 Million)
Greece - 1 September - (Inside Out revenue - $2.2 Million)
Turkey - 2 September - (Inside Out revenue - $1.5 Million)
Italy - 15 September - (Inside Out revenue - $27.1 Million)
Austria - 29 September - (Inside Out revenue - $3.2 Million)
Germany - 29 September - (Inside Out revenue - $31.6 Million)

The countries listed above netted approximately $83.3 Million in revenue for Inside Out and if they generate similar numbers for Finding Dory, that would only leave $16.7 Million in revenue (in already-released countries) to make up in order to reach $1,000,000,000. So, will Finding Dory hit $1 Billion in revenue? Leave your thoughts below or chat about it in the Pixar Post Forum.

Source: Pixar Post

Banner Photo Credit: Pixar Post