DSNY's Regular News Service Will Resume With A New App Update In August/September

Hi there,

This is Jack of DSNY Newscast and of DSNY Digest. I want to be completely honest with everyone that uses this app. As I started a YouTube channel in April providing Disney News updates 3 times a week, and have seen the channel skyrocket. Which is great! But along with that is A LOT of work; research, writing, filming and editing. Therefore, the app has become a lesser priority as of recently, as the 1,000 people who use the app, more than likely watch the videos, and I made a decision to focus on providing great content to all you Waltineers!

However, I have a plan.

I DO want this app to be brought back to life, as it is what started it all.

But to do this it will take a bit of time rework how the app operates, so that it's quicker to update.

But along with it, Push Notifications will be brought back and we'll be adding new Movie Countdown Widgets, plus support for multiple Countdowns to Disney Vacations.

And ONE DAY SOON, you'll receive an update in the App Store that brings a new design and this app back to life once again!



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