Disneyland Announces 'Happiest Class on Earth' Program To Reward Anaheim Students

or the next 10 years, every sixth grader at an Anaheim public or private school could receive a free ticket to Disneyland for doing something to benefit their community, Disney announced Friday.

“Sixth grade is a great year to help inspire students to give back to their community through service,” said Jill Bolton, director of corporate citizenship at Disneyland.

The “Happiest Class on Earth” program is the company’s way of ending Disneyland’s 60th anniversary and kicking off the park’s 61st anniversary, she said.

Photo Credit: OC Register

Photo Credit: OC Register

Students can work individually or as a class with their teacher on a specific project, such as volunteering at a senior center, organizing group activities with students who have disabilities or planning a school-wide clean-up day.

Once the service project is completed, the teacher contacts Disney to arrange the free tickets for each student. The price of a Disneyland ticket ranges from $95 to $119 depending on the day of the visit. The tickets will be good for a year and valid on most days.

Disney estimates there are about 5,000 sixth-grade students attending Anaheim schools. Schools outside the city, but with a minimum of 50 percent of their students living in Anaheim, are also eligible.

Students at Horace Mann Elementary, where the program was announced Friday morning, were astonished. The school has about 120 sixth graders.

“I think this will help the students get involved in their community,” said Itzel Carbajal, 11. “They know they have to work to get something.”

Nathaniel Guerrero, 10, has helped raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County by organizing a used book drive, he waters the school’s plants and he volunteers at a local senior center.

“We need to work together,” he said, “to make the world a better place.”

Source: OC Register

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