Disney Testing New Interactive Droid Characters in Preparation Ahead of 'Star Wars Land'

Even though we are at least 2 years away from the Star Wars themed lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park, that doesn’t mean we will have to wait that long to see what Disney has in store for us in what they promise will be the most immersive theme park experience offered to date. Since all matter of droids will be roaming through the streets and markets of the remote outpost planet, we know Disney Imagineers will have to create impressive new interactive characters to fill those roles. Well, it seems the very first one is already roaming around Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland, perhaps as an early test of what’s to come…

The following video was taken by DAPs Magic and shared on YouTube:

The droid is known as Jake, and if you watch the video closely, you’ll notice he can interact with the environment inside of Launch Bay, turning on and off nearby items around him. Pretty impressive, huh?

If this is just a small sample of what is on the way in the Star Wars themed lands, I think we are in for something pretty special with this project…

Source: WDW News Today

Banner Photo Credit: Disney