Disney Reveals Plans for Facebook-Distributed 'Club Mickey Mouse' Show

The revival of the classic variety series 'The Mickey Mouse Club' will not be distributed as a standard web series.

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E is coming to Facebook and Instagram at the end of the summer.

Disney Digital Network is revealing more details about its plans to revive iconic variety series The Mickey Mouse Club as a socially distributed program called Club Mickey Mouse.

The new project, which was first announced at Disney's NewFronts in May, will feature a new crop of digital talent that will be announced soon. Andrew Sugerman, the Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media executive who oversees DDN, teased during a panel with The Hollywood Reporter at VidCon on Friday that Disney searched for castmembers who are still on the rise and have yet to build up the online profile of some social media influencers. It also sought those with a range of talents, from choreographer-dancers to singer-songwriters.

The hope is that Club Mickey Mouse will be able to help create a new crop of stars the way the original series did.

But that's where the similarities with The Mickey Mouse Club end. The new project is not being conceived as a standard variety series. Instead, it's envisioned as something resembling a multimedia experience, with various assets programmed on Facebook and Instagram.

Sugerman noted onstage at VidCon, the annual online video conference that takes place in Anaheim every summer, that Disney wanted to create something that would appeal to young consumers, even as attention spans become shorter, hinting that Club Mickey Mouse will be released as bite-sized pieces of content.

"Club Mickey Mouse is the perfect opportunity for us to take an iconic brand, with so much legacy and nostalgia, and make it relevant to a new generation," Sugerman, who serves as executive vp publishing and digital media at DCPI, said in a statement ahead of the keynote discussion. "The original show broke new ground from a talent and programming perspective, and we're continuing that legacy with this program."

Club Mickey Mouse will start rolling out on the Oh My Disney Facebook channel at the end of August.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Banner Photo Credit: Disney