Disney Imagineering Reportedly Used 100,000 People To Build Shanghai Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Building Shanghai Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, one of the park's major attractions, involved about 100,000 individuals, according to Luc Mayrand, executive creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering and one of the creative forces behind the ride. 

The ride -- called "Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure" -- features high-definition digital displays, meticulous set designs and elaborate, Mandarin-speaking animatronic characters. 

"In general, it took 100,000 people to build this, to make it from start to finish," Mayrand said. "In our team, [there were] probably about 50 at the center of it. And at various times, on this land, there might have been up to 2,000 workers on a single day. That would include everybody -- all the consultants, all the imagineers, all the workers, all of the various different departments of the company." 

"The largest portion of the team was Chinese," he added.

Source: LA Times

Banner Photo Credit: Disney