Disney Files Patent to Enhance Audio Animatronic With New Interactivity

Reports have surfaced that Disney has filed a patent to “have amusement-park rides sense when an occupant is in a seat.” By doing so, Disney is hoping to synchronize the sounds heard in the ride with the movement of the animotronics’ mouths so the rider will be able to see the mouths of the animatronics’ move in-sync with the words and music of the attraction.

The Dis did some research and found the exact patent that was filed with the United States Patent Office. “System for controlling robotic characters to enhance photographic results” is the name of the patent filed. With this patent Disney is hoping to enhance the animatronics’ interactions with it’s guests with robotic heads. Disney is hoping to have animatronics’ that will blink and smile and eve posts for guests’ photos. They are also hoping to expand this technology to shows and parades.

For now, that is about all the information that can be pulled from the patent. We will let you know when Disney releases additional information on these exciting upgrades.

Would you be excited to see these changes to your favorite Disney ride? The only downside I can see is that your favorite ride(s) might be closed for refurbishment for a period of time.

Source: Chip and Co

Banner Photo Credit: Disney