"Diamonds Aren't Forever After All", Disneyland Concludes Its 60th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday marked the end of the 15-month-plus 60th anniversary "Diamond Celebration" at the Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney's original theme park is actually 61 years old now, and the resort is putting away the three shows it debuted for the anniversary: World of Color - Celebrate, Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night.

No one seems to be mourning the demise of the World of Color show. Most fans we've heard are looking forward to the return of the latest version of the original show, in fact. And Paint the Night will be returning to Disneyland later this year, before taking another hiatus in advance of its expected return by next summer. (Sorry, Disney World fans. We're just not hearing any chatter that the next-generation electrical parade will be coming your way.)

So the big loss, for many Disneyland fans, seems to be Disneyland Forever, the fireworks show that brought Main Street, the castle, the Matterhorn and more to animated life with delightful projections.

I wasn't able to make it to the park today, but I did catch the next-to-last performance from the top floor of the Disneyland Hotel last night. Disneyland will be getting the old Fantasy in the Sky show back on a limited basis, but that old show just doesn't pack the power or the spectacle of Disneyland Forever. Here's hoping that by the time the park complete more of the Star Wars Land construction on the north side of the property, it will be able to support the launch of more advanced pyro shows, allowing Disneyland fans to enjoy something on the caliber of Disneyland Forever again and again.

Source: Theme Park Insider

Banner Photo Credit: Gregg L Cooper