Ben Mendelsohn says 'Rogue One' Will Be "A Truly Great Star Wars Story"

Much of the lasting appeal of the Star Wars saga is drawn from its central conflict. You are drawn in by watching the rebels or Jedi fight against an evil opponent. You witness the drama in the struggle against the oppression of the Empire in its many various forms. Much of the reason that struggle is so engaging is the appeal of the Star Wars Villain. Vader, Tarkin, Maul, Palpatine, Ren, and hopefully soon…Krennic. While we wait another five months to find out just where the Director will fall in the annals of Star Wars villains, it is promising to hear that the actor who portrays him has quite a bit of enthusiasm for the film and the universe in which it takes place.

SciFiNow has a great interview up today with Ben Mendelsohn in which he discusses playing dark characters, his love of Star Wars, and his respect for Gareth Edwards. But most importantly Mendelsohn discusses his thoughts on Rogue One as a movie, even if he must remain vague or risk being thrown in isolation by Lucasfilm until the movie is released.
Mendelsohn on Rogue One:

“I can’t tell you anything other than to say, of course, that it is very firmly in the canon of the entirety of the Star Wars films and that it will make great sense to anyone that has experience it. And it’s a great story. It is a great Star Wars Story. It is a truly great Star Wars Story”

Effusive praise is always is always a good thing. But coming from an actor, you never know what context that may be in. So, is Mendelsohn a true Star Wars fan?

“In 1977 I was there at the cinema. I was there with Bells on! Do you remember the bubblegum cards? I had all the Star Wars bubblegum cards. I was a deep Star Wars tragic. I just absolutely adored it. And I still absolutely adore it. It’s pretty awesome to be a part of this. It was very unexpected and it was a great honour. And I hope we deliver in full”

So, it does sound like Mendelsohn was a true fan going way back to the original 1977 release. But what about the new film’s director? Mendelsohn’s thoughts on Edwards:

“I’m a big fan of Gareth Edwards. I think Monsters is a beautiful film. I adored Monsters. It was made with my good friend Scoot McNairy and his lovely wife, Whitney. Gareth is an incredibly generous director. His technical knowledge is freakish. What he was able to do with the CGI world with Monsters with a very small budget was absolutely remarkable, and I think that Gareth has a great desire to bring this large and complex world [of Star Wars] to the screen, so I was absolutely floored to be asked.”

So, there you have Ben Mendelsohn, one of the more critical players in the upcoming Rogue One speaking its praises. A good sign to say the least. Hopefully we’ll see more of Ben as Director Krennic before Celebration wraps up this weekend.

Head over to SciFiNow for the full interview where Mendelsohn discusses wanting to be Chewbacca as a kid, playing dark villains, and getting into his Imperial Uniform for the first time.

Source: Star Wars News Net

Banner Photo Credit: Lucasfilm