Please Leave A Review of DSNY Digest: App Store Reviews Really Help Us Grow

Thank you to everyone who uses DSNY Digest on a daily basis. However, one area that would really help take the app to the next level are App Store Reviews, as the way the App Store works, visibility and recognition is based upon Downloads and Reviews.

DSNY Digest is part of a much grander vision, that can only be achieved by letting Disney know that you, the Disney Fans, want a place to interact and engage with the Disney Brands that you love. DSNY Digest was created as a proof of concept, to demonstrate to The Walt Disney Company, that if a platform was created that delivered news and content about all the many things we fans love about Disney, then Disney Fans would respond. So if you want DSNY Digest to grow and evolve, then leave a review on the App Store, telling us what you love about DSNY Digest.

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So it would be great if everyone, could take a little time and leave a review on the App Store, as DSNY Digest is updated with new content everyday with No Advertising or Charges, it would be a massive help and you'd be helping spread the magic to other Disney Fans.

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