WATCH: These Disney Fans Have Created The Most Beautiful Disney Infographic Videos

The Disney brand is incredible because it not only creates amazing stories, but also inspires its fans to be just as creative.

This is especially true for our friends at Fastpass Facts – a small team of Disney fans who make larger-than-life animated videos based on Disney facts. They recently made an amazing video on Shanghai Disneyland, and continue to create visually and intellectually stunning videos, all because they simply love Disney.

Their videos are so amazing that I had to ask more about their creative processes. Happily, I was able to talk to Luz who, along with their partner Sauco, work hard to create the beautiful videos that you can watch on Fastpass Facts today.

Read more on how this team turned their love for Disney into an artistic venture!

How did you start Fastpass Facts?

Last summer my boyfriend and I attended D23 and of course we couldn’t miss a visit to Disneyland, so we bought our 4 day ticket and went on to enjoy our visit! But of course when our visit ended we were left with a serious case of Post-Disney Depression.

When we went back home we started thinking about a way to bring Disneyland Magic to our everyday lives so we decided to start Fastpass Facts! We thought about all the people who were fans like us but didn’t live in the area or had the opportunity of visiting Disneyland as much as they would like to, so you could say this is a way of bringing Disney Magic to our homes!

How do you create a video?

Usually we start investigating; we try to find some facts that not many people know so it takes a little bit of time. Then we work on the script, which looks like an easy task but it’s not always that easy because sometimes we’re not always that inspired, and that could show!

So we send the script to a guy that does our voice overs, and while we wait for it to be ready we start working on all the elements and the illustrations we’re going to need for the video. When all of that is done and we have the voice over ready we start animating! It all takes about a week!

Why focus on Disney as a subject for your videos?

Ever since I was little Disney has been my life. I live, eat, and breathe Disney. And as I grew older that never changed and it was that way for both of us. I am so lucky to have found a person that is so obsessed with Disney as I am and I know he feels the same way! Disney is such an important part of our lives. I guess every Disney fan knows that when you’re a TRUE Disney fan, Disney is your life.

What’s your favorite video that you’ve made so far?

Haunted Mansion definitely! It was our first video and it was at the time we we were still shaping Fastpass Facts. Actually, this video took us about 2 to 3 months to finish!

What’s a video you’d like to create in the future?

Someone once suggested that we should to a video about how Disneyland has changed throughout the years and I think that video is one that we would really like to do!

How has Disney impacted your life (both as a creator and in general)?

Oh, that’s a kind of complicated question! I guess Disney has impacted every aspect of our lives, from the things that are important to us, to what we wanted to be when we grew up. We’re Disney freaks!

It’s incredible how the team on Fastpass Facts is able to bring concept art, video, and digital art together into fun, knowledgeable videos that Disney fans of all ages can enjoy. With amazing graphics, informative insights, and clever visuals, it’s no wonder that Fastpass Facts has grown to be one of our favorite places to learn more about Disney.

Special thanks to our friends Luz and Sauco, who were kind enough to partner with us on their Shanghai Video and to answer our interview questions! To see more of their videos visit their YouTube page.

Source: Disney Examiner

Banner Photo Credit: Disney