WATCH: Magic Leap Teams Up with Lucasfilm for a Star Wars Augmented Reality Demo

Last fall we showed you a demo of Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology which can shoot an impressive clip without any special effects. So fast forward seven months: who better to partner up with than Lucas Films?

In a tweet, Magic Leap showed off its latest demo using our favorite Star Wars pals R2D2 and C3PO. The company says the clip was shot entirely through Magic Leap’s headset and is able to detect the surroundings to overlay augmented reality objects seamlessly.

It’s yet another impressive look at what Magic Leap could do, though the startup has stayed mum about when the headset would be available to public (much less in a developer beta). Industry experts speculate a near-final prototype may be available to test at CES 2017.

When it finally lands on the market, expect enthusiasts of both augmented reality and Star Wars to give the company all their money. The force is strong with this one.

Source: The Next Web

Banner Photo Credit: ILM