4 Things About The Rumored Addition of 'Paint The Night' To Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom may have gotten a new addition earlier this year in the form of the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire castle show, but aside from this minor addition, this park hasn't really added much in the way of major attractions in the past few years. However, a new rumor popped up earlier this year about a potential new addition that could be coming to this park in the very near future.

And while we have mentioned this particular rumor a few times before, rumors have intensified over the past few days regarding the future of the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom, and we figured we'd take a moment to separate fact from fiction and take a look at what we know (and perhaps more importantly, what we don't know) about the rumored move of Disneyland's Paint the Night parade to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Photo Credit:  Anthony H.

Photo Credit: Anthony H.

1. Paint the Night is confirmed to be leaving Disneyland next month... at least for now

Just a week ago Disney shocked fans by confirming that the Paint the Night parade, which debuted at the park just last year to rave reviews, would cease performances at Disneyland after September 5th. Now, while this change could be related to the budget cuts that are rumored to be hitting all US-based Disney parks this fall in response to the less-than-stellar summer attendance numbers at Walt Disney World, fans have been quick to assume that this closure means that Disney is planning to move this parade elsewhere. Of course, the Magic Kingdom park seems like the natural choice for such a relocation, and something that happened earlier this week seems to bolster this theory... 

Photo Credit:  Gary Burke

Photo Credit: Gary Burke

2. The Main Street Electrical Parade is going to close soon…according to unconfirmed Cast Member reports

Earlier this week, a number of unconfirmed social media reports surfaced that suggested that Cast Members who regularly work the Main Street Electrical Parade have been notified that the Main Street Electrical Parade would close sometime next month. Now while this closure could simply be temporary downtime related to the upcoming Boo to You Parade that will be retuning to the park in early October as part of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, it is also possible that this parade is indeed going away to make way for Paint the Night. However, we're not entirely convinced that this is happening, for a number of reasons...

Photo Credit:  Anthony H.

Photo Credit: Anthony H.

3. Paint the Night moving to Walt Disney World wouldn’t be surprising, but it’s not inevitable just yet

It’s no secret that attendance this summer at Disney Parks (and Walt Disney World specifically) have not been great, and Walt Disney World management may be looking to get something new in the park fast to help prop up attendance during the holiday season and in early 2017. Which is where this rumor comes in to play. Could Paint the Night be shipped off to Walt Disney World in September in an effort to get guests back in this park before year's end? And what does this mean for the Main Street Electrical Parade? Let’s take a few moments to unpack this rumor a little bit.

First of all, if budget cuts are indeed behind the sudden and unexpected closure of Paint the Night at Disneyland, then it wouldn’t make much sense for Disney to spend the money to ship this parade to Walt Disney World and then start running it again every night (perhaps even twice per night) during a season where it will be competing not only with the Boo to You Parade, but also Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade in November and December as well. While Disney could wait until January to debut this parade at Walt Disney World, that wouldn’t explain the September closure at Disneyland, unless Disney was planning on making some changes to this parade. but again, with budget cuts looming, this seems unlikely. 

While these factors wouldn't necessarily rule out a Paint the Night move to the Magic Kingdom entirely, they would make it a little hard to justify, especially in the current climate, where Disney is offering huge discounts and cutting budgets to try and make sure its financials look right before the end of the year. However, there's something else to consider here as well if this rumor does indeed prove to be true. 

Photo Credit:  Andy Sanchez

Photo Credit: Andy Sanchez

4. Could this finally be the end of the Main Street Electrical Parade?

Though we certainly have our doubts about this reported development, let’s just say for a moment that the rumors that Paint the Night is on its way to Walt Disney World are actually true. Where would that leave the Main Street Electrical Parade? While some have speculated that this long-running parade (which actually debuted over 40 years ago in 1972 at Disneyland) could return back to its home park, the fact is that this parade has not aged well, and many fear that if Paint the Night comes to Walt Disney World, it could actually mean the end for this Disney classic. And while 40 years (off and on) is definitely a good run, many would be sad to see such an iconic parade close forever. 

Disney has not said anything about this rumor, but we definitely know for sure that Paint the Night is 100% done at Disneyland (at least, for now) as of next month. However, whether this will be a temporary closure or the beginning of a move across the country remains to be seen. What do you think Disney should do with the nightly parades at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland? Should Paint the Night get a temporary break at Disneyland and then return to this west coast park next year, or do you think that a move to the Magic Kingdom is just what Walt Disney World needs to turn its recent attendance woes around?

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